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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

June, 2016



Camille Abelanet, Nicolas Abelanet, Bennett Autrey, Alexander Carwheel, Nathan Chadwick, Caleb Chastain, Andrew Dobbins, Emma Dobbins, Darby Dunnavent, Tiffany Eustice, Kelton Farris, Sophie Gunia, Taylor Harris, Anika Isquierdo, Isabella Isquierdo, Zachary Jones, Mia Lawson, Aiden Miller, Emily Miller, Fiona Ohrvall, Giselle Ohrvall, Katie-Anna Orr, Nathan Reyna, Caleb Warrum, Joshua Warrum, Tyler Warrum, Emily Zimmerman, Grace Zimmerman


Camille Abelanet, Nathan Chadwick, Myles Cowen, Emma Cox, Sarah Cranford, Avery Reyna, Katy Sutton

Production Staff:

Anicia D. Brown

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