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Donna Jones is the Director and Owner of the Center for Home Education & The Cottage Theatre.  She has a MSSW (Master of Science in Social Work), and spent almost 6 years with CPS and another 6 years with MHMR where she served as the Clinical Supervisor of the outpatient mental health program.  She began homeschooling in 1997 after the birth of her 3rd child, at the time she had a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a newborn.  She continued to homeschool all of her children all the way until graduation.  Her last child graduated in 2015, concluding 19 years of home educating her own children.

Lacy Bucy

Lacy Bucy is so excited to be the new Center for Home Education's Cottage Theatre director for 2021-2022. She has always wanted to follow God where he leads, and feels so blessed to be given the opportunity here.


Last year Lacy worked at the front desk in the office, getting to know all of the awesome kids better each day. She also taught Cake Decorating for one semester, which she is continuing this year as well, among a few other classes.

She was homeschooled her whole life, going on to do dual credit and CLEP testing for college, being able to complete her bachelor's in humanities in 2 1/2 years.

Her background in theatre spans back to age 7, and includes being a member of her homeschool drama group, a homeschool traveling theatre company, and her local children's theatre, where she acted in many lead roles, stage managed, and directed several full productions. In her adult years she has been a part of The Promise in Glen Rose, and had a role in the Play Write class at the Center last year.

Lacy also really enjoys sewing, and art of many different mediums, and has created full body costumes from scratch.


At home she has an awesome husband Judah, her brother-in-law/roomate Josh, a parrot, 3 dogs, a guinea pig, and 17 finches!

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