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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer here if you have any questions.


If this page doesn't answer your question, please contact us at

General Questions

"Can I purchase tickets at the show?"

Technically, yes. Please keep in mind, however, that some shows will be sold out and cannot accommodate any new arrivals. 

"How do I show the students my support?"

We have "Break a Leg Roses" that are for sale in the Café before each show and during intermission. These are a great way to renew the students' energy for the second Act of the show, and they're always appreciated. 

"My student's not in the show, but I'd like to wear a t-shirt. Where can I purchase one?"

We are working on making t-shirts available to the public for the first month or so of rehearsals. These would be done by a pre-order on the theatre's store, and they would then be distributed 2-3 weeks after pre-orders close!

Theatre Etiquette

"My kid's the lead and I want to take pictures of them performing. Can I?"

Absolutely not. These shows are under copyright protection and the Theatre could be held liable if any unauthorized material is distributed. This could result in our being permanently shut down. So please do not take pictures or videos during a production.

"Can I arrive to a show late?"

Please do not. This is seen as extremely disrespectful to fellow audience members, and to the cast and crew who work incredibly hard to put on an entire production for you. 

If you arrive late, you will be asked to remain in the lobby until a scene change, when you may then find your seats. 

"What kinds of noise can I make during a show?"

We encourage audiences to laugh, gasp, boo, and the like to keep the energy of the shows up.


That being said, please do not talk during the shows. It can be distracting to both those around you and those on stage. 

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